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We work with many patients who have tried modern medicine (drug therapy/medications) and traditional chiropractic with little or no results. The reason is that our approach is different and unique. We do not treat disease directly, rather we discover functional cause and correct them. As a result those who have suffered for years finally get improvements. The result is greater Joy, Energy, and Focus in life. We help Spring our patients Back into Life, or in other words: LifeSpring Wellness.


1. Brain based therapy (BBT): Testing and affecting the brain balance. The brain is the primary factor in all health and life.

2. Neuro-Integration Technology: Specific brain exercises (specialized neurobics) and techniques to strengthen and balance your brain. 

3. Metabolic: Biochemical testing involving blood, saliva, urine, stool tests along with questionnaires to determine precise biochemical imbalances.

4. Nutrition: Proper elimination and re-introduction to nourish the body for optimal healing. 

Dr. Phil Gilman, OWNER

Dr. Phil Gilman, BSc. DC BCIM FMA FASBE graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic located in St. Paul in 1981. Prior to studying at Chiropractic School, he studied Food Production and Nutrition, receiving his B.Sc in Agriculture from South Dakota State University.


Certified in Acupuncture and Applied Kinesiology

Fellow of Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering (FASBE)

Fellow of Medicina Alternitiva (FMA)

Certification in Neurodiagnosis from Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Published Thyroid Researcher: Diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction: applied kinesiology compared to clinical observation and laboratory tests.


If you would like to see if Dr. Gilman may be able to help you or a loved one, call us directly at 952-300-2260. 

Dr. Gilman offers  Free Phone Consultations  for those desiring more information. 

We are located in the Bloomington/Edina area close to 35W and 494. We are close to Eagan, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Minnetonka, St. Louis Park, Golden Valley and Plymouth. For out of town patients there are many hotels close by.


We give regular workshops on health concerns such as Low thyroid, Diabetes T2, Auto Immune, Peripheral Neuropathy, IBS/Crohn's, Chronic Stress, and Weight Loss. 

Thyroid Testimonial

It has only been 2 weeks and this morning had been the best I have felt in a really long time. I woke up well rested, had energy & I was in a very good mood. This treatment is working. I am slowly getting use to being gluten free. It's been a couple weeks it was hard at first but is getting easier and my clothes are fitting loosely. I also didn't have brain fog today! Yippy!!!

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